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Proven in 20,000+ TV channel installations around the globe, ATHENSA delivers the products to get you on air, automate your workflows and helps you to scale-up your operations as your business grows.

"Channel-in-a-Box"best selling add-ons:

Our "Channel-in-a-Box" License now provides 4x separate channels

What can be better than our "Channel-in-a-Box"?

4x Channels in that same box,

for the same old price of


* valid only for new purchases, not for existing licenses;
* 4x AirBox and 4x TitleBox and 4x CaptureBox - on the same dongle;

* all existing dealer discount policies remain valid;
* ASM&TS for the first 12 months is included.

The PlayBox/Athensa "CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX" line of on-premises TV solutions provides all the automation features, needed in today’s MCR broadcast facilities when creating linear TV channels. With more than 19,500 worldwide deployments since year 1999, this is one of the most popular platforms for 24/7 TV channels origination.

•    SRT & HLS input and output from AirBox – free-of-charge

•    SCTE-35 cue tone triggers generation and insertion - $1,499 

 ​•    Automatic Audio Loudness Normalization in AirBox - $1,399

•    Dolby AC-3 audio – $800 for AC-3 output encoding, or $2,150 for AC-3 files support and output encoding

•    DataBox Media Asset Management - $999 

•    Nvidia CUDA GPU acceleration of IP outputs from AirBox – free-of-charge

•    Graphic Rules – Automatic Show/Hide of predefined Graphic templates, that are being automatically populated with metadata from DataBox (Like “Coming Up Next”, etc.)

•    EPG export from AirBox

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