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ATHENSA CATALOG is a highly integrated SQL-based database for media & content management, allowing instant access to more than 20,000 records simultaneously. Content is classified by many aspects such as type, category, genres, keywords, credits, media, and etc. All ATHENSA modules obtain information about visual content from ATHENSA CATALOG. This enables many tasks such as logo overlay, archiving/retrieving data, building/conforming on-air playlists, etc., to be simplified or completely automated. Content can be easily searched through by dedicated multi-profile search, as well as by an intuitive multi-criteria filtering system.

<strong>Multi-user environment</strong> – Many users may access the dataset simultaneously from separate network-connected workstations.
– Automated content import – As soon as the content ingest by ATHENSA INGEST has finished, ATHENSA CATALOG imports the media asset into the database with its relevant metadata coming from ATHENSA INGEST capture list. Content coming from different sources can automatically be assigned to different content categories for easier database sorting.
Network access SQL database – As a true SQL database, ATHENSA CATALOG clients work with a shared database content throughout the network. No special network traffic overhead is
created even when multiple users work simultaneously.
– Advanced content classification – Content can be sorted by three main classification levels, as well as by cross-profiles such as sequences, groups, keywords, etc. The main levels are extracted from common classification schemes – type (i.e. Cinema, Music, News, etc.), category (Show, Movie, Mini-series, etc.), and genres (Action, Drama, Thriller, etc.).
Search by multiple criteria – Content searches can be done by many data fields at the same time. For instance, if one needs to find an action movie, which production date is after 1990, where the word “Mummy” is present, but “Returns” is not present – that’s just a few mouse clicks away.
Filtering by a group of fields – Searching and viewing data subsets is extremely easy. Over each data column in the grid there is a filter section. Entering letters or numbers in the filter field automatically filters the matching entries only. Wildcards apply as usual. Additional search in this subset might be performed too.



  • Four independent ingest channels in a single server*

  • All 4 instances in a single screen

  • HD capturing (optional)

  • Various ingest inputs – composite, component, SD/HD SDI; UDP Transport Stream

  • Multi-channel audio ingesting (optional)

  • Closed captioning support (EIA-608/708 standards)

  • Automated VTR Remote Control – RS-422 VTR control by Sony protocol is provided for automated batch capturing from tape

  • Batch and Scheduled Capturing

  • Loudness/ True Peak Audio Meters for precise audio level fine-tuning

  • TDIR (Time delay instant reply – ingested content can be used for immediate editing or playout, before finishing the ingest process

  • Ingest from satellite feeds and automatic feed switching

  • Comprehensive metadata handling

  • Add metadata during ingest (position markers, notes, category, or other user defined metadata)

  • File splitting based on duration

  • Third party capture list import

  • API available for OEMs

  • ATHENSA INGEST now supports capturing into high efficiency video codec compression.



Program Title; House ID / Program ID; Program Duration


Sequence; Season Title ; Episode Number


Type; Category; Genres


Personnel (actors, directors, etc.); Companies (distributors, producers, etc.); Countries (locations, post, etc.)


Production Date/Year; Reception Date; Country of Origin; Main Language


Multiple Instances & Quality; Media Type and Number (barcode); Archive / Media Pool; Parts and/or Channels Priority


Plot Outline, Taglines, Comments, Notes, Rating



  • EngineBorland Interbase

  • TypeSQL

  • User countUnlimited

CPUCore duo


 AudioSound card for clip trimmer audio preview

 OSMS Windows 7

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