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ATHENSA License Purchase

Rent Models SaS 

Annual SoftwareMaintenance

and Technical Support

 Permanent Licensing

All software modules of ATHENSA are available for purchase


(Permanent License) and ASM&TS service for the first 12 months. At the end of the 12 months period the client needs to decide if he wants to continue his ASM&TS service with ATHENSA.

Rent Licensing (monthly price)



ATHENSA provides the following license at the price

 $150 mo


- Athensa AirBox ver.7;

- Athensa ListBox ver.7;

- Athensa TitleBox ver.7;

- Athensa CaptureBox Pro ver.7;

- Athensa SafeBox Content Replication Engine (not included in the regular “Channel-in-a-Box”);

This SaaS business model also includes all the services from the ASM&TS Service. In the Rent Licensing Model (SaaS) there is no CAPEX (no upfront payment), Billing/Invoicing is quarterly, the client receives 3-months TL (Temporary Licenses) each time.

ASM&TS Service


 If the client decides to continue his ASM&TS service with ATHENSA, it comes at the annual ASM&TS cost listed in the ATHENSA pricelist 

$50 mo



  - The ASM&TS service is billed/Invoiced annually, every 12 months (for example $50 per month for “Channel-in-a-Box” is $599 per year).

The ASM&TS service is available at per month basis or  see 

The ASM&TS service is not available on demand, when the client needs it – it needs to be active in back-to-back 12 month periods and we back-charge if there is a skipped time.


Unlimited channel output activations in AirBox – both SDI and IP outputs.



Ongoing 24/7 technical support by ATHENSA via a WhatsApp chat group



- Constant upgrade of all software modules to the latest released ATHENSA software versions;



- Online training sessions with the ATHENSA engineers; - Installing and re-installing the software when needed; - Decklink drivers configuration and upgrade;

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.