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Channel-In-A-Box, OTT FAST Playout, Ad Insertion
On-premises and Cloud Solutions

Channel Origination for Broadcasters/OTT/FAST Channels

From On-Premises to Cloud, ATHENSA is your trusted solutions provider when you need to launch a linear 24/7 TV channel or handle your Live & VOD Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

OTT Playout for FAST Channels with SCTE-35
available as a purchase or monthly

Our channel-origination technology provides all of the features that OTT playout requires - like SRT/HLS/RTMP inputs and outputs, multi-profile HLS output with H.264 or HEVC encoding, SCTE-35 cue tones insertion, EPG export for most FAST platforms, etc.

TV Channel Origination Software


available as a purchase or monthly


The PlayBox/Athensa "CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX" line of on-premises TV solutions provides all the automation features, needed in today’s MCR broadcast facilities when creating linear TV channels. With more than 19,500 worldwide deployments since year 1999, this is one of the most popular platforms for 24/7 TV channels origination.

Turnkey Servers
available in different hardware configurations


The APOLLO custom-tailored server solutions of ATHENSA are based on the specific demands and typical workflows of our clients. We are offering you some reference models, suitable for the most common PlayBox/ATHENSA software bundles. Please feel free to ask for further customization of the reference models. Our server configurations guarantee best performance and endurance, with typical server lifespan of up to 10 years.

Ad Insertion
Available on-premises or cloud-hosted

  • The ideal solution for generating revenue for Broadcast TV Stations.

  • Splices, transcodes and Inserts Video Advertisements, Logos, Overlays, L-Squeeze, Crawl, Alert into the live input transport stream on time-based schedule or detection of Cue tones (DTMF), SCTE 35, or Contact Closures

  • Traditionally, this is an On-Premise solution as the TV station Modulator is On-Premises.

  • Optionally, we can provide the cloud-hosted solution with affiliate streams received via HLS, transcoding to MPEG-2 Video, Muxing all SPTS streams into a 19.3 Mbps MPTS stream, and streaming the Muxed MPTS stream to the TV station Modulator using SRT or Zixi.

  • Generates As-Run-Log reports.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers:


Years of TV Automation Development


Business Partners Worldwide


TV Channels Automated


Countries Covered

ATHENSA is pleased to announce the expansion of its "Channel-in-a-Box"  technology with two new wise levels:

The upgrade from the PlayBox level to the Wise levels does not just add some new features, it introduces a whole new platform with modern architecture which brings next-gen performance, reliability and scalability
ATHENSA WisePlayPro 

Cloud-based or on-premises Playout

Browser-based remote operation from anywhere
SCTE-35 and Analog Cue Tones Detection and Insertion
EPG compatible with Plex TV, Sling TV, and other OTT platforms
Live stream insertion for news and sports channels
Schedule programs for up to 1 year in advance
Drag and Drop user interface for all assets
Preview graphics on video before going live
Easy to skip media file and jump to media file
Easy to skip live feed and jump to live feed
Easy Schedule Import, Export, Copy, Paste
Schedule Errors Analyzer with Easy Fix for errors

Current  Promotion:

March 2023


ATHENSA WisePlay level


creation, management and monetization

of FAST channels

speed-up the process of playlist creation 4-5 times

multi-profile HLS output encoding and universal EPG integration

For more info about Apollo QuadPro/24

best selling add-ons:

•    SRT & HLS input and output from AirBox – free-of-charge

•    SCTE-35 cue tone triggers generation and insertion - $1,499 

 ​•    Automatic Audio Loudness Normalization in AirBox - $1,399

•    Dolby AC-3 audio – $800 for AC-3 output encoding, or $2,150 for AC-3 files support and output encoding

•    DataBox Media Asset Management - $999 

•    Nvidia CUDA GPU acceleration of IP outputs from AirBox – free-of-charge

•    Graphic Rules – Automatic Show/Hide of predefined Graphic templates, that are being automatically populated with metadata from DataBox (Like “Coming Up Next”, etc.)

•    EPG export from AirBox

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24/7 Support

The 24/7 Support service provided by Athensa is one of the most important reasons why our clients trust our company and are loyal to us for many years in a row . The technology presentations and the support process are handled in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Hindu languages. Our clients with active ASM&TS support contracts receive their 24/7 support via dedicated WhatsApp chat groups. 

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