Channel Origination

From On-Premises to Cloud, ATHENSA is your trusted solutions provider when you need to launch a linear 24/7 TV channel. 


On-Premises TV Channel Origination 

available as a purchase or rent

The PlayBox/Athensa "CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX" line of on-premises TV solutions provides all the automation features, needed in today’s MCR broadcast facilities when creating linear TV channels. With more than 19,500 worldwide deployments since year 1999, this is one of the most popular platforms for 24/7 TV channels origination.

"SPARK" Native Cloud
TV Channel Origination

available as SaaS

The Athensa "SPARK" is the next-generation native cloud-based broadcasting platform for linear TV channel origination. Designed 15 years later than PlayBox, the "SPARK" platform benefits from all the scalability and versatility of the flexible cloud computing architectures.

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On-Premises Playout

If you are looking for a compact stand-alone solution for your ingest/playout/graphics workflow, you already have existing MCR facilities and broadcast engineers, and you can afford the CAPEX required - then the "CHANNEL-IN-A-BOX" on-premises approach is right for you. If your main need is to have SDI output and your existing internet connectivity is limited in bandwidth or unreliable, again you need to consider a local playout system. Please click the "Learn More" button below to see the full list of features of this product.

"SPARK" Native Cloud Playout

The "SPARK" cloud playout service is the obvious choice for you when you are looking to upgrade your existing on-premises playout servers, that are coming to end-of-life now. You should also consider "SPARK" if you are a content owner planning the launch of your first linear TV channels now, for example to monetize additionally your existing VOD programs. If you want to reach viewers across different OTTs and social media platforms, or stop paying for existing fiber optic lines to reach your cable or PayTV distribution companies, "SPARK" will be the platform to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Please click the "Learn More" button below to see all the features.


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Incentives to Switch from "Channel-in-a-box" to "SPARK"

We offer various buy-back incentives when existing "Channel-in-a-Box" clients are ready to switch to Athensa "SPARK". These are activated via returning to us the PlayBox or ATHENSA USB licensing dongle and/or existing hardware. The evaluation of the existing equipment being returned to Athensa depends on the time used, the presence of active ASM&TS contract with Athensa, etc. Please click the  button below for more information.

24/7 Support Service

The 24/7 Support service provided by Athensa is one of the most important reasons why our clients trust our company and are loyal to us for many years in a row. The same engineering team that supports the "Channel-in-a-Box" customers is now supporting the new "SPARK" clients, which guarantees the smooth transition process from on-premises to cloud playout. The technology presentations and the support process are handled in English, Spanish, Russian and Hindu languages. Our clients with active ASM&TS support contracts receive their 24/7 support via dedicated WhatsApp chat groups. 

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