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Delivery and Distribution Unlimited


Clients can expand their distribution footprint as their business grows, there is no limit to the number of simultaneous IP outputs from the Evrideo cloud platform. Such restrictions in the PlayBox/ATHENSA servers are coming from using the limited local CPU and GPU resources for the ouput IP encoding.

Multi-Layer Interactive Graphics Excellence

The Spark service includes all the tools for upscale dynamic multi-layer graphics, including rule-based logic to streamline and automate the process.

On-Air in Hours

The time needed to setup a completely new Spark channel is just a few hours.

No CAPEX, just SaaS

Just a single monthly bill covers everything - the Athensa management software, the cloud storage, the in/out cloud data transfers, the distribution to viewing audiences.

TCO Savings

Channel owners switching to cloud playout can substantially optimize their signal distribution expenses - direct ZiXi IP delivery is much more cost effective than satellite links and fiber optic lines. Other TCO savings include MCR rental expenses, electricity, redundant ISPs, on-site IT system administrators, etc.



Easy Upgrade Path

The upgrade path from the Spark service to the higher Athensa service offerings is clear and easy - adding Backup playout for redundancy, adding SCTE-35 triggers, more subtitle or audio tracks, VOD transcoding, etc. 

Fully Remote Web Interface Operation

Web Browser access makes it very easy to learn and drive all Evrideo features. No more need to switch between different PlayBox/ATHENSA software modules - all Evrideo features are in the same Google Chrome browser window.

Ultimate Team Collaboration

The Athensa flexible user management system allows fluent team collaboration of geographically dispersed teams of people, working together on the creation of the same linear channel. 

Outsource All Technical Complexities and Maintenance

Switching to the Athensa cloud platform allows you to have the luxury not to bother anymore about these annoying Windows10 upgrades, incorrect Decklink drivers, CPU speed limits, constant upgrades and maintenance needs of on-premises equipment. It is such a peace of mind to outsource all these to Evrideo.

No Strings Attached

The Service Orders and Playout Agreements of Athensa are typically 2-years, but the client has the option to go out of the agreement with a 30-days notice, should his business go down or he no longer needs the channel.



These case studies present different SPARK workflow scenarios.

SPI International Chooses EVRIDEO’s Cloud-Based Broadcasting Platform to Launch New Services

Global media company SPI International has chosen EVRIDEO to host five of its latest channels bringing the total number of channels hosted with EVRIDEO up to ten. This longstanding EVRIDEO customer demonstrated a major vote of confidence in the ground-breaking, self-service, cloud-based broadcasting platform on January 1st, 2021 by choosing EVRIDEO to launch exciting new offerings such as Dizi in Asia, Africa, and Russia, as well as FilmBox Turkey and FilmBox Extra. SPI International, which currently
operates 42 television channels and digital services across six continents, already uses EVRIDEO’s cloud playout to create, manage, and deliver five of its linear channels, including staunch favorites like Gametoon, Erox, Eroxxx, and Dizi. Press Release 12.February.2021
It is becoming increasingly difficult to resist the allure of cloud-based broadcasting in an era where speed to market, flexibility, and agility have become critical to survival. As more independent broadcasters are searching for ways to quickly, economically, and easily manage and deliver professional premium channels to traditional pay TV operators and telcos, cloud-based offerings like EVRIDEO's are gaining traction and simul-taneously triggering a major transformation in the TV industry.
“We see more and more clients like SPI International all over the world, switching from the legacy, CAPEX intensive, on-premises playout systems to the next generation cloud playout. SPI International has been a huge on-premises PlayBox “Channel-in-a-Box” client of mine, operating more than 35 PlayBox servers in
their MCR facilities in Poland,” says Vassil Lefterov, the Founder and former CEO of PlayBox Technology. “Now that I am VP Business Development of EVRIDEO, I am happy to see SPI International doing all of their new channel launches on EVRIDEO’s Cloud & SaaS platform solution”.
“We found EVRIDEO’s solution to be a complete game-changer to the way we adapt and broadcast our content and lower our broadcasting costs, especially nowadays when the remote solution is more valuable than ever,” said Güney Yasavur, COO at SPI International. “EVRIDEO’s platform made it easier to launch quickly new TV channels in multiple languages, featuring dynamic graphics and multiple IP-based outputs” added Yasavur.
As they continue to grow their global presence with EVRIDEO’s support, SPI International’s teams in Poland and Turkey are collaborating with EVRIDEO’s cloud playout team to mutually upload content and graphics and manage all the scheduling needed to maintain a full professional-grade TV channel. Already used by 40 major broadcasters to deliver over 200 TV channels to various platforms around the world, EVRIDEO continues to lead the the transition from hard-ware to cloud playout, making waves in an industry ripe for disruption.


Outdoor Sport Channel® chooses Evrideo for Cloud based HD/UHD playout and IP distribution

Outdoor Sport Channel® is the latest broadcaster to embrace cloud technology and transfer its Global HD feeds to Evrideo’s next-gen cloud-based playout platform. Outdoor Sport Channel® has been IP-distributing top quality sports content and dynamic news onscreen graphics to CATV, DTH, IPTV, OTT and Mobile pay-TV platforms worldwide for over a decade. Leveraging Evrideo’s platform, will allow them to up their game and quickly and efficiently serve up customized location-based content to their wide international audience. In a competitive environment where the ability to rapidly respond to customer demand is essential, Evrideo’s streamlined solution gives Outdoor Sport Channel® a distinct advantage providing the agility to roll out new Broadcast TV and OTT channels as and when needed. Like every industry, the world of broadcasting has been hit by the challenges introduced by restricted travel and working from home or the office. By offering fully-remote access, Evrideo’s cloud-based platform addresses these challenges allowing team members to access the system from any location in the world, including from home, and collaborate efficiently via one simple web-based workflow. Evrideo offers Outdoor Sport Channel® the capability to delight their customers with seamless and flawless HD/UHD high broadcasts quality no matter what disruptions are happening in the world. “We were looking both to improve efficiency while managing multiple broadcast quality feeds at once and to add flexibility and the ability to quickly launch Outdoor Sport Channel® in response to market demand,” says Outdoor Sport Channel® Founder & CEO, Henk Van Meer. “With Evrideo’s platform, we got everything we were looking for in one cloud-based platform with the added bonus - which is actually a necessity today - of remote access and easy team collaboration from anywhere in the world.” “We are excited to work hand in hand with Outdoor Sport Channel®, a leading global TV network which joins many other broadcasters, PayTv and OTT platforms using our service,” added Evrideo CEO, Avi Zenou. “We look forward to helping Outdoor Sport Channel® gain the flexibility they need to better meet their markets’ demand for high quality content.”


Outdoor Channel (Asia) Chooses EVRIDEO for Cloud-Based Programming & Playout

“We were searching for state-of-the-art technology that would improve the operating efficiency of managing multiple feeds as well as to expedite our distribution over the region,” says Outdoor Channel (Asia), Managing Director Gregg Creevey. “By embracing the EVRIDEO platform we were able to consolidate all content and channel management on a single cloud-based platform, making it easy for our team to access and manage content, rights, scheduling, and EPG from anywhere in the region”. Outdoor Channel (Asia) Chooses EVRIDEO for Cloud-Based Programming & Playout Outdoor Channel is combined satellite and IP-distributed to hundreds of pay-TV platforms across Asia and the Pacific with multiple subtitling languages

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