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(Multiple Platforms)


(Multiple Sources)


(Any Format)


(TV Channels & Live Productions)


Cameras from live studios

IP network feeds

Transcoding/ Transmuxing  Automated QC

Cameras from live studios

Satellite Downlink Feeds

Programming & Scheduling

MAM and QC

Graphics & Rule-based Automation

Localization & Multi-Subs/Audio

Live Feeds Playlist Integration (with Recording)

SCTE-35 and CueTones Insertion

EPG &As-Run Log Files Export

VOD Transcoding

Monitoring & Alerts for MCR

24/7 NOC Support

Composition, encoding & final channel packaging

HLS => OTTs and Apps

ZiXi (MPEGTS or H.264) => PayTV platforms and other TV distribution companies

SRT => PayTV platforms and other TV distribution companies

RTMP => Social Media Platforms

VIMEO Training Video

General Interface

● Cloud-based solution with all-in-one SaaS application

● System Structure - per Tenant, allowing multi-tenant management per client

● Ability to use MAM content for all the tenant channels

● Manage all channels in one dashboard and viewpoint

● Simplified UI/UX designed to enable also non-professionals to manage the program and playlist easily

Programming & Scheduling

● List View & Calendar View

● Option to import playlists from various scheduling/traffic systems

● LST Parser

● Future Preview - option to preview the broadcasted content at a future moment, including all graphics, audio, subtitles layers)

● Automated gap-detection for uploaded Playlists - automated detection, alerting, and filling

● Manual content gap filler/fixing option

● Calendar Search bar

● Scheduler: easy-skip to selected item/s

● Scheduler editing and deletion by date and time

● Export EPG and 'As-Run’ log reports

● Scheduling API available

● Real-time alarms for missing content - across the multi-language, multi-subtitle stream 

● Time-Zone shift setting

● Option to replace content directly from the Scheduler

● CSV Append / Overwriting

● Blocks - Create blocks of media that contain different types of secondary events 

● Emergency mode enabling the automated switch to fall-back content during crash 


● Multi Audio support (WAV, MPEG1 - Layers 1/2/3, AIFF, AAC, PCM, WMA)

● Multi-Subs support (890, PAC, SRT, TXT)

● DVB Subs (font, position, scale)

● Burn-in Subs (font, position, scale)


● Upload items directly to MAM

● TAGS - enabling content tagging for later search/graphics and playlist scheduling

● Crop Settings (file resolution and specs)

● Content Preview and QC

● Dynamic metadata configuration

● Searchable metadata across the system

● Search by filters / Tags

● Media Upload Report

● Export Full media report

● Batch Import - Bucket/FTP, Automated matching of media to subtitle and Dub files

● Download Media - Original/Transcode/Preview

● Packshots - option to upload and associate image files to different media assets in the MAM, enabling easy and rich multi-asset programming at scale 

● Metadata batch editing

● Subtitle FPS Offsetting/Cropping

● Change Media ID/ SOM (Start-of-Media)

Secondary Events

● Secondary Events Editor

● High-quality graphics exported from After Effects projects can be uploaded to the system, and the GFX colors, fonts, position, scale, and texts can be edited online

● Import from TGA Sequence, PNG Sequence, MOV file

● Floating Media - closed GFX that can be upload directly to the MAM

● HTML Graphics

● Cuetone and SCTE-35 markers support

● Logo Bug - Can be both Static or Animated

Permission & Collaboration

● Unique access for multiple users - different permission and access levels across the platform and Tenant assets and to different channels, under the same client

● Manage multiple tenants from a single user

VOD Transcoding

● Multi profile transcoding of tenant content

● Dynamic profile settings including Logo, Subtitles, Video and Audio codecs, and file format

● Partial Restore Option - enabling permitted users to restore and download parts of the content


● Hi-res Incoming & Outgoing feed recording (original quality, for reuse in playback)

● Recording timer*

● Option to reuse in real-time recorded stream/channel during recording*

● 24/7 Low-res compliance recording for legal purposes*

Formats and Codecs

Supports the following file formats, Audio and Video Codecs in all input resolutions and frame-rates (SD/HD/4K):


● File Formats: MPG, MP4, MOV, MXF, AVI, MP3, WAV, WMV, WMA, OGG

● Audio Codecs: AAC, MPEG 1 (layers 1/2/3), MPEG 2, Dolby D/E, WMA, PCM/ADPCM, Opus

● Video Codecs: MPEG 1/2, AV/1, HEVC, H264 (MPEG4-AVC), DIVX (MPEG 4 ASP), VP8/VP9,  WMV1/2/3

Monitoring & Alerts for Master

Control Room

● Multi-source monitoring Matrix

● Real-time Alerts for Audio/Video

● Health Check - Monitor devices

● Intervention tools - enabling fast troubleshooting and decreasing dependency on a human operator

● 24/7 NOC Support

Architecture & Redundancy

● Supports both Main + Backup in different availability zones and regions

● N+M redundancy on each availability zone

● Multi-stream support (more than 2 streams per channel)

● Duplicate storage of the whole media archive in two physical locations

Distribution Types

● HLS - ABR(push/pull)

● MPEGTS over Zixi - CBR(push/pull)

● RTMP - CBR(push/pull)

● MPEG-TS over SRT - CBR (push/pull)


● Encrypted secure protocol media transfer

● Separated network for media processing

● In-storage media files are all encrypted

● Encrypted incoming (live ingest) and outgoing (channel) streams, point to point to the platform


● Rule-based automation system

● Supports automation by time, event type, tags

● Timeshift +/- on the Main event