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Shopping Networks – Phone Number Detection

  • AdInserter-AI is a real-time Automated Phone number detection and Substitution System.

  • Can detect and replace phone numbers using AI in the live stream without SCTE 35 or Cue tone.

  • Detects a phone number in the region of interest in the live streams and Replaces that with the new number.

  • Seamless replacement of the telephone number or any image.

  • Supports IP, SDI, and ASI inputs and IP, SDI, and ASI outputs

  • Generates SCTE35/SCTE104 over IP / SDI

  • Activates iTech COM relay contact closure

  • Want to replace advertisements without SCTE 35 or Cue tones in the live stream? The same AdInserter-AI also detects Advertisements in the live source stream and replaces them with new ads.

  • Uses a one to six-minute live buffer to apply deep inspection algorithms that yield excellent results.

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