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Why Spark  is an PRODUCT  for both new dealers and existing PlayBox/ATHENSA system integrators

The real technology depth of the Athensa SPARK cloud architecture and the flexibility of the ours company to do business in many different ways enable our current and future business partners to design their new revenue streams, on the Athensa Spark foundation. Athensa takes every engineering effort to facilitate the smooth transition of our dealers from box-selling and one-time system integration into the future SaaS world, which rewards our dealers with recurring revenue streams.

Athensa Launches Hw&Sw Buy-Back  Program

Athensa relies on our Dealers on the ground to supervise the Hardware&Software Buy-Back program and to verify existing "Channel-in-a-Box" configurations. For more details on the Buy-Back program, click here.

Existing Data Centers (Private Clouds) Can be Utilized

We run the great majority of our playout business in the French OVH cloud. In the same time we offer to our strategic partners the possibility to operate Evrideo "SPARK" channels in their own data centers and fiber connectivity.

Evrideo Will Train Dealers Free-Of-Charge

We will invest in the dealer training process as much time and efforts as the dealer needs. Your success is our success.

Managed Services Opportunity

Our Evrideo "SPARK" dealers can offer to their clients complete managed services bundles, as an opportunity to create for themselves add-on value, on top of what the Evrideo cloud platform offers. This includes content upload and QC, graphics preparation (via Adobe AfterEffects), playlist  scheduling and commercial blocks prepration.

All We Need From The Dealer... to know his market niche and to be able to identify the content owners in a need to launch new linear channels. We encourage the dealer to build and utulize consultants and influencers, to achieve good market coverage. 

Recurring Revenue Stream

Our current PlayBox/ATHENSA dealers have only been able to make one-time profits so far, as a result of their dealings with us. Evrideo "SPARK" is a SaaS and therefore provides recurring revenue streams to our dealers, from 10% to 15% of the first 24 monthly payments of their clients to Evrideo.

White Labeling Possible

We offer to our bigger volume and/or strategic dealers the opportunity to operate Evrideo "SPARK" channels under a White label. 

Extreme Business Scalability

Evrideo "SPARK" is much easier and quicker to scale up, in terms of numbers of channels and speed of customer training, compared to on-premises "Channel-in-a-Box" servers. With the swift increase of the cloud adoption mentality across all content owner grouips, Evrideo is a once in a lifetime business opportunity for the dealers.

For your greater convenience, please expect our Automatic Quote Generator and Distribution Price Calculator.

Coming soon Spark automations:
- price configurator & delivery calculator;

- 7-day proof-of-concept trial run;

- online contract and credit card payment;

- actual start of on-air operations.

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