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On-Premises Playout Automation

Next level Channel-in-a-box – the Athensa WisePlay level. Designed specifically to facilitate the creation, management and monetization of FAST channels that offer the same high quality viewing experience as cable and satellite TV. The WisePlay level introduces powerful graphic automation rules and scheduling tools, which speed-up the process of playlist creation 4-5 times, compared to our previous Channel-in-a-Box level. With multi-profile HLS output encoding and universal EPG integration, you can connect to any FAST platform such as SamsungTV Plus, etc. If you are an existing ATHENSA/PlayBox client, contact us to find out our special upgrade offer to get to the next WisePlay level!



Rent Licensing Model (monthly)

This Rent business model also includes all the services from the ASM&TS Service. In the Rent Licensing Model there is no CAPEX (no upfront payment) charge. Billing/Invoicing is quarterly, the client receives 3-months TL (Temporary Licenses) each time

ASM&TS Service

If the client decides to continue his ASM&TS service with ATHENSA, it comes at the annual ASM&TS cost listed in the ATHENSA pricelist (for example $50 per month for “Channel-in-a-Box”). TThe ASM&TS service is billed/Invoiced annually, every 12 months (for example $50 per month for “Channel-in-a-Box” is $599 per year). The ASM&TS service is not available at per month basis. The ASM&TS service is not available on demand, when the client needs it – it needs to be active in back-to-back 12 month periods and we back-charge if there is a skipped time

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