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SSAI – Server-side Ad Insertion

  • SSAI – In the Cloud and On-Premises

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion and Ad stitching

  • Inserts Mid-roll Ads on SCTE 35 to provide a flawless Video Experience to viewers

  • Manifest Manipulation, Ad Server Communication, Ad Bitrate, and Resolution Normalization

  • Supports RTP, UDP, HTTP, HTTP Live Stream (HLS), or MPEG-DASH Source Streams

  • Detects SCTE35 Triggers and communications with Ad Server to fetch Advertisement files and stitch them into the chunks of the stream

  • Ingests Ad Dynamically by stitching High Definition Advertisements in live source stream by Manifest Manipulation

  • Reliable Delivery of Manifest Content with every ingested Ad in SCTE35 Slots

  • Provides Broadcast Experience to viewers with ingested Ads to enrich IPTV and OTT Platforms

  • Stores Manifest in CDN and serve to Video Players, supporting Low Latency & High Concurrency

  • Inbuilt Transcoder transcodes Ads to match them with Stream Profile for the Best Quality Video Output

  • Resemblance Experience with conventional TV Channels without latency and buffering

  • Compatible with integrations with Ad Servers like SPOTX, SpringServe, and other services

  • Compatible with AWS, Limelight, and Tulix CDN

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