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AD Insertion

Ad and Graphics Insertion

Ad Insertion for Broadcast TV

  • WiseAdIInserter inserts Video Advertisements, Logos, Overlays, L-Squeeze, Crawl, Alert into the live stream on time-based schedule or detection of Cue tone(DTMF), SCTE 35, or Contact  Closures.

  • Traditionally, this is an On-Premise solution as the TV station Modulator is On-Premises.

  • Optionally, WiseDV can provide the cloud-hosted solution with affiliate streams received via HLS, transcoding to MPEG-2 Video (Standard required for the Broadcast TV), Muxing all streams to 19.3 Mbps MPTS stream, and streaming the Muxed MPTS stream to the TV station Modulator using SRT or Zixi.

  • WiseTV-Box is an ideal

Ad Insertion for Cable TV

  • AdInserter-Cable TV is an ad insertion system mainly used to splice Advertisements to the original stream

  • Inputs – UDP Unicast / Multicast from IRD and HITS

  • Output – UDP Multicast – compatible with Apex, Pico, Harmonic, and other EdgeQAM units

  • SPTS or MPTS In

  • SPTS Out

  • Passes through all PIDs except SCTE 35

  • When SCTE 35 / Cue Tone is detected, the Ad is spliced in

  • The live stream is not transcoded and maintains its original video quality which is ideal for high-density HD channels and Ad insertion systems

SSAI – Server-side Ad Insertion

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion and Ad stitching

  • Inserts Mid-roll Ads on SCTE 35 to provide a flawless Video Experience to viewers

  • Manifest Manipulation, Ad Server Communication, Ad Bitrate, and Resolution Normalization

  • Supports RTP, UDP, HTTP, HTTP Live Stream (HLS), or MPEG-DASH Source Streams

  • Detects SCTE35 Triggers and communications with Ad Server to fetch Advertisement files and stitch them into the chunks of the stream

  • Ingests Ad Dynamically by stitching High Definition Advertisements in live source stream by Manifest Manipulation

Shopping Networks – Phone Number Detection

  • AdInserter-AI is a real-time Automated Phone number detection and Substitution System.

  • Can detect and replace phone numbers using AI in the live stream without SCTE 35 or Cue tone.

  • Detects a phone number in the region of interest in the live streams and Replaces that with the new number.

  • Seamless replacement of the telephone number or any image.

  • Supports IP, SDI, and ASI inputs and IP, SDI, and ASI outputs



  • Mainly used to insert Advertisements and Graphics to the original content and re-stream the data in Schedules.

  • In cable companies, input comes from IRD and HITS. Output is compatible with Apex, Pico, Harmonic, and other EdgeQAM units.

  • It basically takes MPTS In and generates SPTS Out.

  • It passes through all PID’s except SCTE 35. When SCTE 35 / Cue Tone is detected, Ad is spliced in.

  • Live content is not transcoded and it maintains its original video quality which is ideal for high-density HD channels Ad insertion systems.

  • Input is analysed and checked for Program Number/Bit Rate/SCTE 35/Cue Tone Markers.

  • Works with watch folder based Auto transcoder which automatically transcodes Ad files in the format of the live stream.

  • Also interfaces with various Traffic and Billing systems. Generates As Run logs and SCTE 35/CUE Tone logs.

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